If you wish to submit an essay to AMERICANA, please follow the steps below.

Before submitting a review, please read the guidelines.

  • Send the abstract of your proposed essay to the editor, indicating your name, affiliation and field of research, too. This is to determine whether your essay is within the scope of AMERICANA. Please send your abstract as an e-mail attachment in .doc format to .
  • The editor will contact you, and ask you to submit your essay. The essay should be in .doc format (up to Word 2007), and must not contain your name or any other sign that may help the reviewer identify you. This is essential, since AMERICANA uses blind review. The format of the essay should confirm to a couple of rules: it should use 12 pt fonts for the body of the text; quotations longer than three lines should be organized into block quotes (indenting 2 cms from left and right) and should be set to 10pt; should be single-spaced, with alignment set justified, without indenting the first lines of the paragraphs, and with an empty line between paragraphs; referencing: parenthetical references (Author page). Footnotes should be used only when they are absolutely necessary - if there is a way, avoid them. If you want to include images, please indicate their exact place in the text, and send them separately. At the end of the essay include a "Works Cited" section listing the material you referred to in the paper. The format of a book reference should be: Family Name, First Name. Date of publication. The Title of the Book. Place of publication: Publisher.
  • The editor will e-mail you the reviewer's/reviewers' comments and suggestions. You will then be asked to revise your essay if necessary. Then you can send the revised essay to the editor, but this time with your name appearing as the author of the text.
  • The final step before publication is to check the text of the essay online, using the link the editor will send you. If you confirm that the text is in the state you re-sent it after the revision, the page appears in the contents of the particular Volume and Number along with the other publications.