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CoverGuest edited by Éva Federmayer and Kornél Zipernovszky, the latest, special issue of AMERICANA, Volume X, Jazz Special Issue is here. It

offers a collection of essays to intimate how jazz studies – one of the most vigorous interdisciplinary areas of cultural studies since the 1990s – revised our notions of jazz in conjunction with transnational American studies. Like new musicology highlighted by Joseph Kerman, Lawrence Kramer, Susan McClary or Rose Subotnik – to mention only a few luminaries of this highly controversial scholarship with “an increasingly open-ended intellectual climate” (Regula Burckhard Quareshi), jazz studies also challenges its own traditional boundaries and deploys hitherto unwelcome analytical tools derived from post-structuralism, gender studies, psychoanalysis, cultural studies, postcolonial theory and critical race studies. No longer resorting to biographical research, musical inventories, phonographic commentary, or sheer fetishism to glorify jazz artists, new jazz studies engages with jazz culture as a continuously changing, dynamic system of multiple interactions structured by race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and class; to wit, its canon- formation, as in literary studies, is also grasped as a discourse of power. This collection – to our knowledge the first of its kind in Hungary – is also proof of the continuously opening horizon of new jazz studies, the essays here predominantly drawing out the racial inflections of jazz.

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Vol. X. No. 2. Coming Soon

Volume X, Number 2, Fall 2014

Vol. X. Jazz Special Issue

Vol. X. Jazz Special Issue

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