Volume XI, Number 1 - 10th Anniversary Edition / Interamerican Special Issue

CoverAMERICANA – E-Journal of American Studies in Hungary was launched in 2005. It was a year that still saw academic journals in the print format. We, however, wanted to hack into the future and establish a tradition that has proved to be a practice considered as standard practice today. At the beginning, we wished to provide a small forum for scholars, researchers, and students notwithstanding to articulate new views on American studies. With our exponential global growth in a couple of years (reaching an astonishing 140000 visits per year), we have succeeded beyond our own expectations.

This new issue is also the milestone of a new beginning: our widening focus in the Americas points toward a more thorough consideration of interamerican relations – this time through the lenses of our Hungarian colleagues. This is the reason for releasing our first bilingual issue: half of the essays are written in English, the other part in Spanish. It has been an intriguing editorial process, and we can but hope that our enthusiasm shines through the special issue.

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Vol. XI. No. 1.

Vol. XI. No. 1.

Vol. X. No. 2.

Volume X, Number 2, Fall 2014

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