CFP: Mixed Heritage: (Self) Portraits and Identity Negotiation

Parallel with the development of Postcolonial studies and cross-disciplinary approaches, there appears to be a paradigm shift in several writers and artists’ way of constructing self-portraits and visually presenting themselves. Many move towards a notion of identity that understands the notion of “living in the hyphen” and increasingly celebrates the “hybrid potential”. While acknowledging inherent tensions and power structures in the formation of identity, some writers and artists have used crosscultural references as a process of empowerment. The present project proposes to encompass various academic approaches, including critical multiculturalism, transnationality and identity, social media and the construction of self, globalization vs. American/Canadian identity in view of the representation of “mixed cultural heritage”. We would like to cover a wide range of perspectives addressing the complex process of negotiating identity and “mixed heritage”, including; US and Canadian literature, fine arts and popular culture. Papers discussing both the ego-recognized and alter ascribed approaches to identity are welcome, i.e. on (self-) portraits and (auto) biographies. More specifically, but not exclusively, articles documenting and analysing projects which bridged Canada to the United States are welcome. We also welcome scholarly papers that examine studies of other territories in the Americas.

Vol. XI. No. 2.

Volume XI, Number 2, Fall 2015

Vol. XI. No. 1.

Vol. XI. No. 1.

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